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Thursday, May 26, 2005

2nd Guiding Principle Part B

Steps you must master to be able to influence others intellectually

Step 1: Learn to Love

It may sound old and hackneyed, but nothing is so strong, so powerful and so universally usable as love.The disciples believed in Jesus Christ and he performed miracles for them.He achieved two things in this way.He helped people and he bound them to him.Because he has helped them, they became faithfully devoted to him.By their wishes the disciples determined the deeds of their master, but he gained power and influence over them by the strength of his mind and his love.Remember that TRUE LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL- IT IS NOT A BARGAINING TOOL.The fundamental principle behind being able to influence others is to really want to help them.

Let's assume that you want to suggest a certain plan to someone.Instead of going to that person and telling them all about it, you instead sit down at home and put the plan in writing, point by point.You really put your heart and soul into this plan- feel passionate about it (if you don't then it probably isn't worth doing anyway).

Detail what the plan will do for you and what it will do for that person or for others.If the plan is purely of an egoistic nature, then you may as well tear the paper up- it won't work.But if the plan gives you and others an opportunity to benefit, then you should do everything to turn the plan into reality.Purely egoistic intents will fail- but plans made with love from which everyone can benefit will be a success.

The most common mistake many salespersons make is that they think too much about selling and making money.Of course the selling is important, but that intent should not be in the forefront of their mind.The most important thing is the customer's requirements, which the salesperson can meet by selling his merchandise.If he is able to do that then almost everything else will come to him automatically: money, recognation, commission, career advancement and contentment.

A good salesperson must first and foremost keep their eye on benefiting the customer!

If you want to sell something, think only of the advantage to the customer.Imagine them being grateful to you.Imagine their pleasure in acquiring something they really want, something that is really useful to them.In this way you will gain power over your purchaser and he/she will remain dependent upon you as long as you are in a position to give them satisfaction.

If you follow this method, irrespective of whether your relationship with another is on a personal or business level, you will be successful in your endeavours to gain power over others.Always think of the wellbeing, the benefits and advantages for the other person.

Step 2: Persuade but properly

Doing something good for someone can sometimes produce the opposite effect.Think of that standard cry of parents to their children: "We always wanted only the best for you- why have you turned out like this?" The parents are disappointed because their ideas and their wishes have been disappointed.The children are disappointed because they did not (maybe did not want to) fulfill their parents do something wrong? Of course they meant well- so what caused their plans to go awry?

Basically it's the same mechanism at work as with stopping someone from smoking.Obstinacy, toughness and persistence may lead to a goal, but whether it is a long-term success or not is decided by something completely different.Those who stop smoking because they were forced to, not because they want to, will soon take it up again.All the taking, the endless discussions, threats and whatever else have borne no fruit.Those children who have been driven down a pathway they didn't really want to go down will reverse back up at every given opportunity.

It can hardly be predicted that you will always be 100% successful in realising all your plans- from A to Z.Yes, it is good to follow your path in a straight line, but it can also be useful to be flexible- to once in a while stop and make a detour.Sometimes we can discover something wonderful we hadn't really thought much of- so becareful not to miss opportunities by becoming too rigid and fixed.We must all be prepared to make compromises.If you are not prepared to do so, sooner or later you will fail- and maybe even achieve exactly the opposite of what you were actually working towards.

On the other hand you should never give up too quickly either.If you are dealing with a particular obstinate person, you must work towards your goal with all your power and might.If you only partially succeed and influence that person just slightly- then you have been successful.Patience and perseverence can help you to gain significantly more success in guiding and leading other people.

Let us now take another step towards the envisaged goal.Write down everything you expect to happen when you go to talk to someone to convince them of your idea (be it business or pleasure).Proceed as if you were talking to this person and note down all the reactions and comments you can forsee.Once you have conscientiously written down, read and thought everything through, then you can be sure that you know about everything that may hinder your success.You can plan your way around any possible resistance.This puts you in a powerful, well-prepared position.So now it is time to take action.

Step 3: The right will

Until now we have mostly concerned ourselves with the will, but without calling it by its name.For it depends on your will, when you want to influence or impress other people.Until now we have not spoken of the way you can use this will.It could simply be said that you use your will by means of your subconscious- but we won't go into that right now because there is more about that later.Now it is enough to learn how you can not only control but also to guide the will of another.

When doing so it is important to ensure that the other person does not get suspicious, or even notice that you are trying to influence their will.Success depends on the other person assuming that the idea you are giving them is theirs alone.They must feel for certain that it is their idea that is being carried out not that of another person.

Guiding the will of someone else in such a way that they are not aware of it is an art.The slightest suspicion will doom the whole operation in failure.

We have already mentioned some things that transcend our normal everyday understanding.This is only the beginning- there is more to come.You will soon be confronted with many more things that will sound unbelievable.But the sooner you have got used to the power of your mind and its laws, the sooner you will become successful in everything that you are doing.

Ridding yourselves of prejudices and doubts is one of the requirements of becoming successful.And that is what it all depends on now.If you want to guide the will of another, then you must first all 'know' that it is possible to do so.But you must believe that you can really do it.Only then you should set about building up a close mental bond with this other person, putting you in telepathic contact with them.You and the other person must become united in thought.You can then effectively use the power of your mind to communicate your thoughts.

Going back to the example of the saleperson- do you remember? We said that the only thing standing in the way of successful selling was concentrating the thoughts on selling.We could more precisely say that the thought of selling gets in the way of selling! If the salesperson's subconscious is programmed to sell just for the sake of selling, the customer will likely pick up on this subconsciously and put up defence.And quite rightly so.If the salesperson wants a sale, they must learn to shift their intent- to think differently.They must reprogramme their subconscious with good intent.

A good salesperson should have the desire to serve their customer's interests- to make them happy, to give them good advice, to really want to help them and to be able to do so.These are the motives that a good salesperson should radiate- not by a false smile or rehearsed gestures, but sincerely genuine from within.

The only goal of the salesperson is to make their customer happy, to look after their interests.Other than that is unimportant.And this is exactly the attitude that a truly good and completely effective salesperson communicates to the customer by the power of his/her mind.The customer cannot build up any resistance to it, because it is in his or her own interest to be happy and contented- they are simply having their needs met.He will therefore turn to the salesperson.Thus they will naturally be warm to the salesperson and become more receptive to the sale.You see it is as easy as that!

Close your eyes for a moment and picture someone (it could be you!) in your mind's eye.Resolve to be of assistance, of service to this person.Fully understand the whole meaning of this resolve.When you have done this then first state your intent inside yourself- then quietly, in undertone to yourself.Live the thought.Be the thought.

To overcome opposition you need energy.The more opposition there is the more energy you need.A simple equation.To impress others, the opposition they put up against you must decrease rather than increase- again this is fairly obvious! What isn't so obvious is how this is to be done.We know from experience that every bulwark gives way sooner or later, if only the strength applied against it is great enough.

Imagine a medieval knight's castle being besieged by a great and powerful army.Thousands of soldiers repeatedly attack the walls.They put up scaffolds so that they can climb up the walls.They shoot cannon balls and burning arrows.But the walls is thick enough to resist all these.The battle lasts for several days.Not the slightest sign of success.But this persistent efforts, this constant attacks has made a tiny crack in a hardly noticeable part of the castle.A minuscule breach, hardly big enough to get your hand through.

The shrewd commander will take advantage of this one chance and concentrate the attack on making this chink bigger and bigger.The siege has been successful.The Bastille can be taken.

It's the same in our lives

Day by day it can seem as if we are running up against walls.We carry on endless conversations and discussions at home.We go to meetings at work in which nothing, but nothing at all, is achieved.We want to give up, and are almost in despair.Then shortly before we resign ourselve, there is light.A gesture, a remark, one word within a throwaway sentence that seems to act like a release.At last we have found the key to the realisation of our plans.This is our 'chink' in the wall.Now we have to work on it a bit mor and widen it, figuratively speaking, into an opening. For only then will the wall, which was perhaps keping you from successfully concluding the business in hand, give way and fall.

You have to learn to read such signs.You have to learn to overcome the invisible barriers between you and others.When you have achieved this you will know what people are thinking.When you know how someone thinks then you are always a step ahead of them. Being a step ahead means being nearer to achieving your goals.

It's the same in our lives

There are two ways to influence people.Either by spoken word or by a visualized image that you convey to the person concerned.The first sounds easier, but actually can sometimes be more difficult.You already know about the second one! In a moment we will look some more at the pictures, but first let us briefly clarify what we mean about how to reach someone with words.

A word is just not a word.A sentence is not just a sentence.Every word can be spoken or imbued with an infinite number of shades of meaning, emphasis and gestures.Your voice can sound harsh or gentle; your words can provoke or seduce.It is up to you whether each of the same sentence sounds exciting at one time or boring at another time.You control the power of your words.Think for a moment how it is even possible to understand what someone is saying to you in a foreign language- if they really bring their conversation to life!

Influencing someone with your words is easy when you know the person concerned.When you know how they will react,it is easier to avoid certain subjects, to raise others and in this way gradually allow a relaxed atmosphere to develop.In this atmosphere you can introduce your plan.You will certainly be more successful this way then you just blurt it out.This method however does have a drawback.You must know the person concerned well, or at least be on speaking terms with them.But what about people you don't know, with whom you are in contact? Here you should use the power of images- the pictures we spoke earlier.

The art of imagination makes it possible for us to create pictures in our minds.These pictures should be carefully selected and considered, because we can do damage or bring benefit with them.Let us have a look at the images that our oft spoken salesperson should create.They should picture their customer's happiness at acquiring something of real benefit to them.This image should be firmly placed in their mind and they should not entertain any other thoughts.Everything else will then flow automatically.The customer will feel the emphaty and goodwill.

The doctor or therapist who wants to heal their patient should be convinced of the success of the treatment.He should clothe this certainty in an image and not concern himself with any other eventualities.The image must be one that moves him, one that touches him.He will then transfer his thoughts of healing to his patient, who will feel safe and secure cocooned in such confidence.It has been proved time and time again how the power of the mind can heal.

The secret of success for this method of transferring one image at a time rather than suggesting several images at once.Turning several thoughts or impressions into images and setting off a 'firework display' of pictures does not save time.It will create confusion rather than being useful.

Once you have transferred an image to someone, seek personal contact in order to give your idea some support in conversation.This powerful combination is unbeatable and extremely successful.

When considering how something like this works, you might come to the inevitable conclusion that it has something to do with superstition, witchcraft or even magic.In fact you are not far wrong with your assesment, but not really quite right either.The secret of magic is that it creates an illusion that we take to be real.All down the centuries magicians have used people's gullibality to pursue their aims.There are of course different types of magicians, but they have all one thing in common- a mind strong enough to influence other people or animals.

Magicians first work on themselves until the power of their thoughts become so strong that they are a very real, powerful energy.Then using this power they impose their will upon other people.Just as we have been speaking of!

Picture for a moment a calm and tranquil pond.Suddenly a pebble is thrown into the middle of the pond, creating a succession of circles and waves which eventually lap gently against the bank.Now someone throws a big,heavy stone into the middle of the pond and the circles it creates are so much bigger than those of the pebble- they create larger waves which actually splash against the bank.The waves are the result of this stone.A thought from a magician becomes, by its power, like a big heavy stone- and will cause the corresponding reaction in another person.

In exactly the same way that you make contact with others by means of words and pictures, the blackmagic magicians of past times did just this with their prey.They would first obtain some things that belong to the person they wanted to harm or benefit from.Direct contact must be avoided, so a substitute was needed and this could be a lock of hair, a photo or even a small effigy representing the other person.Using this tool the magician would make his contact with that person.

So you see what we are discussing is not far removed from being magic! Of course such uses as above are examples of abuses of power- and I would again reiterate that 'what you do to others with ill-intent, you will suffer the subsequences'.So always be PURE in your HEART!

Thoughts can also have positive, even healing effects.Research has proven how praying for someone (in other words sending them thoughts of well-wishes) really does help- and it is in much the same way that distant healing proves successful time and again.You can also communicate confidence.Think of the parable in the Bible and Quran when Jesus walked upon the water to a Muslim's Isa a.s. in the same manner.Both did nothing less but strengthening their beliefs with positive and constructive thoughts.It's no different from parents encouraging their children.And no different from what a doctor should do when he wants to help his patient.

It is not difficult to communicate an image by thought.You just have to be really sure about what you are doing.The thought should always be constructive, helpful and beneficial for others.In other words it has to be altruistic.Then you allow this thought- figuratively speaking- to become a stone that produces an effect on the smooth surface of a pond.You make waves.

How to communicate a thought

Picture the person to whom you want to send a thought, a thought which will impress this person and persuade them to act- as you want them to do, of course.Imagine your thought slowly permeating this person and controlling them.Now release this thought from your imagination and do not think of it again until you repeat the procedure the next day.The whole process should take no longer than five to ten minutes.

By carrying out this procedure on several consecutive days you will multiply its effect.

Let's take an example.Imagine you are a doctor and your patient does not believe that the treatment you have planned for them will be successful.However you are absolutely sure of what you are doing.You know perfectly well that your planned therapy can only do your patient good.You keep thinking about it and keep coming to the same conclusion, it would be so easy if only the patient would change their attitude.Instead of doubting, they should believe in the therapy, be convinced of its benefits.Now you start being mentally active.

You imagine how your patient, for whom you- selflessly wanting only the best, losses their doubts and takes on a new attitude.See them full of hope, certainty and trust.Clothe these thoughts in an image and telepathically send them to your patient.This would work even better if you had a photo of the person concerned to concentrate on while sending the image.

Having the photo of someone or one of their personal possessions, makes it much easier to establish contact.Especially when dealing with a lengthy process. Particularly in cases of therapy or healing, regular thought concentration using the most positive thoughts is extremely helpful.

Here is another example: A mother wants to help her son because he is afraid of exams.He keeps failing classroom tests, even though he knew the answers when at home.

The mother can proceed as follows.At the very time her son is taking the test, she can concentrate on him and imagine him feeling calm and serene, she can picture him being completely confident and in a frame of mind which will allow him to pass the test with flying colours.This serenity and confidence will calm his nerves and her son can easily remember what he has learned.

Of course this will take a lot of practice, but the results will speak for themselves.

Let's take another example which might apply to you.There's a certain person who does not like you and you do not feel at ease in the presence of this person.You have the feeling that they want to harm you.You can't help but thinking of them, and such thoughts simply stir up bad feelings and emotions.Could it be that you have been hexed? Could it be that this person has evil eyes towards you?

Every time something particularly nasty happens to you, you get the feeling that it actually comes from this person.You get more and more anxious, restless and nervous.You soon get to the stage where you connect every single negative thing that happens to you with this person.This may seem totally illogical, but you believe it anyway.And every time a misfortune or some harm befalls you, this person is happy.You are suffering and the other is triumphant.Have they perhaps mastered the art of negative telepathy?

How can you protect yourself from this?

There are various ways you could consider.You could for example leave town.This would certainly be a possibility, but not a good one, because you would meet up with your old problems again in another town, country or continent.When you have become more familiar with mental power, you will find that it is yourself who create your environment- so you cannot physically run away from problems!

The grass only appears greener on the other side of the fence- but you do have the power to make it just as lush right where you are now! Also your enemy always has something to do with yourself- remember how we said earlier that we all create our own world? Everything exterior to us is but a reflection of something inside of us.However innocent you may think you are, meeting an enemy will always provide you with an opportunity to learn something about yourself.You have to go through this process of learning in order to grow.Running away does not help.

Another possibility would be to go to the police.But what would you say? Would you tell them that so-and-so has the 'evil eye'? They will think you are mad (unless the policeman has also read this blog and could use it to help you- but you had better not rely on that!).You could also consider confronting this person and making them explain themselves.But of course they will deny everything and you will end up looking stupid for expressing seemingly unfounded suspicions.No, we must tackle the problem and be rid of it forever.

Instead of doing something you just do nothing!

Instead of brooding about all the negative things happening to you, close your mind against this kind of influence and become quite empty inside.Negative thoughts from others will then pass right through.

When your mind is empty, there is nothing for a negative thought to land on.A negative thought always looks for something to cling to.Just like a virus going for a healthy cell, or a parasite looking for an innocent host, a negative thought seeks to land on something in the human brain that it can cling to.So we will remove this possibility simply by emptying our mind.

Just imagine that you come upon your 'enemy'- if that is what we want to keep calling them- on the street.You cannot avoid them.Here is the perfect opportunity for them to launch a new telepathic attack.But just as they do, you start to think of nothing at all- your mind is totally clear.Once this is done you think of something really nice- a particularly happy memory, a great television film or a beloved person.Hold this thought until 'you know who' is out of sight.Dwell upon this pleasant thought within you for a few minutes longer and then forget the meeting.You will be amazed at how well this works.

You really can pull the ground out from under the feet of your enemy, just by not taking any notice of them- taking a positive, constructive,beautiful thought instead of grappling with these negative attacks.

We have all heard so many stories about witchcrafts,enchantments and evil magics- we may laugh at them on the outside but inside ourselves we are not really so indifferent.Are we? Let's look at such a tale....

A tale of magic

Somewhere in Africa, in the 19th century, there were two white businessmen who felt hostile towards each other.One of them felt threatened and asked a medicine man for advice.He suggested a magic spell but to perform it he needed one of the other businessman's personal belongings.This was obtained and telepathic contact was made with the help of a magic mirror.The medicine man prepared a certain magic ritual and built a pile of wood.He set fire to his pile of wood and sacrificed an animal on it.Then he performed an evil ceremony.

The magician whose name was Ozdo, while speaking various incantations, threw the personal possesion into the fire where it perished.Further rituals were then performed which we cannot go into.The magician then mimed a stroke, while dancing around the pile of wood, his body twitching and going into a weird contortions.

Then just as the magician ended his weird dance, the hostile businessman fell gravely ill.

A thorough investigation showed that the businessman began struggling against this illness at exactly the same time the pile of wood started burning and the magician started his work.Was it an odd coincidence? Nobody knows.Strangely the other businessman was also taken ill a short time later.Neither of them had ever been completely healthy as evil will consume both the victim and the evil-doer, only to his advantage and with intention only to harm humans.

The art of seduction

When a woman wanted to seduce a man in the the olden days, she would obtain something that belongs to him and would even sometimes create a clay image of this man around the object.Concentrating on this object she would then focus on her burning desire for this man of her dreams to come to her.

The success of this method lies not in creating the most replica possible of the desired man but in directing the power of thought towards them.There are enough examples in which the desire became so strong that the person of their dreams suddenly appeared without being able to say exactly how they got there! Even Goethe an olden days poet confirmed this could happened and believe him.Just try it out for yourself instead!

How to find the man or woman of your dreams.....

A woman fantasizing the man of her dream and longs to be with him found out he doesn't notice her.So she uses ill-devices to control his mental state.She gets hold of a photo of him and if possible one of his personal belongings.This personal possession must be given freely to her otherwise she should dispense it.

A good time to practice this ill-devices is when the man of her dreams has gone to bed but not yet asleep.The state between wakefulness and sleep is the suitable moment to make telepathic contact.The woman creates the best possible picture of herself, looking seductive and attractive.She then communicates to this image telepathically while at the same time picturing the man of her dreams in her mind.

If she truly wants this man and his relationship with good intent for the both of them, she will likely obtain her desires.If she is stealing this man from another woman,stolen an item from him or has any negative intent, then she had better watch out! Remember we create our own worlds.....

How to get on with life

Another example: An employee works for a company that follow strict heirarchy.He can calculate exactly which level he will have been promoted to in five years and which level in ten years and so on.He loves his work and is certain that he can do it better than many of his superiors.But the official ladder is seemingly unsurmountable.He has however seen that sometimes exceptions can be made though rarely.He now takes this person on telepathically.

He proceeds in exactly the same way as the woman who wants to get the man of her dreams.He creates a perfect picture of himself.He puts into it all his ablities he possesses and which he would need to qualify for promotion.He communicates this picture to his superior every evening by telepathy.If this is done several times, it can be assumed that it will begin to work.

Caution! You must keep to the truth at all times

Because the time could come when his superior puts this man's name forward for promotion, the employee must show what he can do.If he has telepathically passed on an incorrect or exaggerated picture of his abilities, he could fail.So in addition to his telepathic efforts he must become materially active and ready to learn.

A better position demands better skills.The employee striving for this position must try to acquire to perfect the required skills.Only interplay of telepathic work constantly improving his abilities can guarantee that his efforts will be successful in the end.

The Sorcerer's apprentice

To round off this chapter we must mention Johan Wolfgang von Goethe's poem, 'The Sorcerer's apprentice'- which if you haven't already- you really should read.

This poem tells the story of a sorcerer's apprentice who is commanded by his master to fill a bucket with water.While the master is away the apprentice casts a spell to make the broom do the work for him.The apprentice has the same powers like his master at his disposal.However, he forgets one important factor- the master not only knows how to start the spell, but he also knows how to break the spell.His master knows how to banish the powers he calls upon.The apprentice does not, so he fails miserably.

The message for you here is practice, practice, and practice- and use your newfound power wisely, strictly for good intent! Be sure that you do not end up like the sorcerer's apprentice crying out:

Master, my need is great!

The spirits I have called upon

Will not leave me now!

Follow the instructions and gather your experience.Think of success but also of the prerequisites for that success.This means you must know how to start it and how to end it.Only then will you be able to use the power of your mind to fulfil your dreams.


Be Healthy,Be Wealthy and Be Happy to help others.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

2nd Guiding Principle Part A

Use the inexhaustible richness of your imagination

It is no exaggeration to state that this chapter contains essentials truths and exercises which are absolutely necessary for you to learn.Do not hesitate now to become acquainted with amazing knowledge about the human mind and how you can create whatever you wish!

The correct use of imagination

The constructive and correct use of your imagination is fundamentally different from everything you have heard to date about this amazing creative ability we all possess.Dismiss right now any preconceived notions and ideas, because from now on it will all be different.Imagination is not something you only dream up, something that remains separate from reality.Indeed it is quite the reverse! Your imagination is one of the most effective powers which precedes and even creates your reality.

We create our own world

Yes,it's TRUE! Recent scientific investigations have shown that people do create their own world- starting with what goes on inside their heads.We create our world in our minds and so anticipate what is going to happen to us.Everything that happens to you externally was first a thought inside you.Your environment only gives back to you what you have already given it- your mind power.You are the one who creates the prerequisite for your happiness or unhappiness.It is your very own imagination that helps you do this.Realising this you must of course take on board how vital it is to use the possibilities of your imagination carefully to the fullest.

Use the inexhaustible richness of your imagination

In order to use the principle in this chapter in everyday life, you don't need any extraordinary or supernatural abilities.You only require the strength of your mind and the power of your imagination.
Do you wish for a power with which you can influence other people?
You already have it- it is your imagination.
Do you wish to have a power that will bring you happiness, health, wealth, contentment, love and more? A power to make you rise above the cares of everyday life?
Well, you already know it well- it is called your imagination.
In this chapter you will learn how to use this most powerful tool- your imagination!- to create what you want.But first let us just take a look at two ways by which you can guide your life, influence those around you and win your fellow humans over:

  • One way is by talking
  • The other way is by keeping silent

Speech and Silence

Either you are talking or you are keeping silent.You can reach your goals by both methods.The great secret is to know which of these two possibilities is more effective at any given moment.You will hardly credit this, but silence is actually the more effective method of the two.You may find this hard to believe, but this blog will provide you with ambiguous proof- as well as show you how to use the power of silence within you.Correctly used, silence is one of your key to great success.

A silent idea

One thing is clear from the start is that ideas make the world go round.Everything you see around you started with an idea- and even some things you can't see, such as the discovery and use of electricity and radio waves.Ideas are put into practice and expressed by someone- but where do these ideas really come from? They come from someone's mind- ideas have to be thought up by someone.It's as simple as that.These ideas are put into practice- though not necessarily by the one who thought them up, but that doesn't always matter.

Imagine that you are part of a group discussing a subject and would like to bring up a certain thought.However, at that time and place it is either not convenient or inappropriate.So what should you do? You should clearly think about the point/thought inside yourself and express it silently.Detach yourself from 'your' thought, and imagine it taking on a life of its own and moving about in the room around you.Have complete trust that someone will absorb this released thought.Relax and wait.

Believe me, it won't be long before somebody absorbs the thoughts that originated from you expresses it verbally.Of course they will think it was their idea- as it just popped into their heads! Then your moment comes.You support this thought, giving strength to it- that makes two of you in agreement (more powerful than one) from one single thought.That is more than you had a while back.But it is important for the thought to be useful and not harmful to anyone, otherwise others will be skeptical and you will have missed your chance to gain influence.

So send a silent thought into your surroundings and wait to see what happens.Nobody will realise the thought comes from you.Be sure to formulate it in such a way as to be productive and constructive, otherwise it will be met with criticism and be shelved.It can even happen that others- without knowing why- will suddenly put their trust in you.The one is connected to the other.Let's now have a closer look at this possibility.

You are entertaining a particularly good thought which could be a blessing and very useful for everyone.Other people endorse this thought, because they too want to profit from its power.This is completely natural.At first glance it may seem as if you are freely giving away the fruits of your labour.But this is not the case.On the contrary- you are giving generously and you will receive even more generously.Remember- you get back what you give out!

When you silently express a thought it can often develop its effect even more than if you were to verbally express it.Then something quite strange will happen.Those who you are talking (or not!) to will not only feel attracted to this idea, but also to you!

Why is this? In principal it is quite a banal fact that a good relationship between people can only grow after they have previously been united in their minds.The doctor or therapist helping a patient does it not only because he can expect a certain fee, but also because it is his vocation.He wants to heal, and because he wants it complete so he can.This in turn makes it possible to find exactly those patients he can help.In his silent moments he thinks about his healing practice, his desire to help- and this in turn attracts the relevant people.

A good and effective salesperson sells goods to people who really need them.They in turn feel attracted to him/her and this generates repeat business.A prerequisite is that there is a mental bond between the customer and the salesperson.This is certainly not easy to create.But when it does exist and is based on trust, it is strong and successful for both parties.

How can I influence correctly?

If you want to influence people, for example to stop smoking, you will not get any results worth mentionong if you forbid them from smoking against their will.This will usually leads to a counter-reaction or to smoking in secret.Maybe the person concerned does not really want to stop smoking! Certainly if you try to force them they will be even more determined to do exactly what you don't want them to do.You will encounter resistance, and breaking through this resistance is very difficult.It is much easier if you can get the people to stop smoking on their own will.How? By making them think about stop smoking earnestly in their thought.It's difficult, but can be achieved.Let's proceed step by step, and you will be amazed how quickly and easily you will reach your goal by building upon the second guiding principle.


Be Healthy,Be Wealthy and Be Happy to help others.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

1st Guiding Principal

Get to know and use the power of your mind

In order to begin the process of controlling and mastering your mind for success, there are a few basic rules you should adhere to.Firstly, it is important that you put aside (while reading this blog, at least!) the following:

  • self-doubt
  • insecurity
  • indecision

None of these have a place in a balanced and powerful mind.

Right now, you must also stop comparing yourself with others- you should feel neither superior nor inferior to anyone.Everybody is an individual, so there can be no comparisons.You are you- and they are they.Any desire to exploit others must as from now be banished from your conciousness, too.Resolve never more to want to 'impress' anybody.The need to impress belongs to people who are vain, insecure or lack of self-confidence.Once you develop the full extent of your MINDPOWER, you will not need to try to impress anybody,because you will do this naturally, just by being your confident self. So, remember, from now on you will at all times:

  • Be yourself and
  • Be TRUE! to yourself!

Developing your MINDPOWER will naturally result in transforming all negative feelings such as envy, resentment or dissatisfactions into positive ones like tolerance, satisfaction and forbearance.

The fact is, any negative feelings we harbour within ourselves will be detectable in how we relate to others- in the words we use, our facial expressions, behaviour and mannerism.What's more, this does have to happen consciously, for people will unconsciously sense when we are not playing straight with them.Just as you can feel when there is contradictions between what someone else is saying and what they are actually doing.

Think about it.Why do you sometimes get a bad feeling about a person, even though everything may seem to be in order? Their appearance, gestures, facial expressions and the words they speak sound convincing- yet, for some reasons, you still feel doubtful.The person talking to you does not convince you.This is because you are not reading his or her appearance or vocabulary, but on some level you are reading his or her mind.There is a telepathic communication going on.

Be sure that whatever anyone else telepathically reads from you is positive- not negative.This is a sure way to change your world.The energy you have to summon up in order to be ill-disposed towards others is far, far greater than the energy you will use if you spend a day with a friendly disposition and in good mood.Of course you may feel slighted and hurt if people appear to dislike you, ignore you or don't accept you as you expect them to be.But do you really want to hold that against them? Does it really matters? And is it really worth wasting your precious energy on a whole bunch of negative thoughts? Or is it maybe your own actions that you should be looking at rather than their reactions anyway?

If you do find yourself always fighting and struggling with your own ideas and thoughts, then you will be like Don Quixote fighting windmills.You are not suppose to fight windmills- you are supposed to confront Life! So, from this day onwards, resolve to stop harbouring negative thoughts.Even better than that- avoid letting them form in the first place.

Out of negative thoughts grow complexes- and these are just a hindrance to your actions, to the fulfillment of your dreams and ideals.Stop trying to fight and wrestle with negative thoughts or powers, make them go away.Let them float into one ear- and out through the other.Recognise them, but attached no energy or emotion to them.If you lavish care and attention on negativity, it will take possession of you- because whatever you give your attention to, you will undoubtedly get more of!

So, to reiterate:

Right from start, resist negative influences and if they do come, simply banish them from your consciences.

Imagine for a moment the following situation:

You are observing a conversation between two people. After just a few moments you feel ( or rather you know ) that one of them is not playing straight.He is trying to talk the other into something.Let's call the one who is not playing straight as 'deceiver' and the other who is seemingly powerless to resist as 'victim' .

In this scenario the victim is being systematically 'buttered-up' by words and actions- he is slowly but surely being deceived.He is almost blind to what is happening- there is no time for self-observation or correcting the situation to his advantage, so he finds himself unable to resist.How is this achieved? By the 'deceiver' gaining power over the 'victim'! The 'deceiver' is successfull schemeing over anything that could lead to his deceitful acts being exposed and cunningly sway the 'victim' from his innocent thoughts.The 'victim's' inner voice of warning no longer has any effect- it was silenced out.

Under such circumstances- sensations, inspirations, or even hunches cannot reach our consciences- so confused ( and deceived! ) are we by the words that are being employed; that we take them at face value instead of trusting our own inner convictions.Of course, this is a dishonest act of power abuse.But this is one that we can learn a great deal from.

Now, back to our scenario.Look at what happens when the 'deceiver' has left his 'victim', thereby removing his distinctive aura of conviction from the scene.What remains in the 'victim's' mind is not the truth, but solely what the 'deceiver' has said.The 'deceiver' has managed to impose his will, his idea, and his convictions on that person.We all know that this is possible because we have all seen such devious people in action.

How often have you been taken in this way? How often have you been convinced of something that you only realised was wrong for you later on? The good news is, by learning to master and control your own natural MINDPOWER, you need never become a victim.You can defend yourself against deceivers.And you can do this by knowing how these deceptions work and, thus armed yourself against them before they can endanger you.

When you can use the power of your mind, then you will neither FEAR nor HIDE away from any deceitful or devious people.

Of course, this does not mean that you should attempt to use your mind power on every person person you meet.And too, there will be a proportion of people who will never be convinced because they will simply remove themselves from your sphere of influence before you have time to 'convince' them.But you need not concern yourself about such people, for not only that they don't matter to you but also you should never waste your energy on people who are obviously not interested or chose to be righteous.There are many, many others who will appreciate you and with whom you can communicate your thoughts.Stay strong with them.

Do not waste your intellectual powers and energy to those whom you cannot influence with good ways.

If someone wishes not to pay attention to you, then don't pay any attention to them.Belief in yourself and be bold with it.Should you try to enforce your convictions onto them, you will be influenced into their negative environment, which in turn can make you become stressful and sound implausible.This will be noticed and as soon as someone realised this, they will tell others of your apparent state of confusion- and the consequences are disaster for you.

Avoid such encounters.You will not only avoid annoyances and inconveniences, but you will also conserve your vital energy and strength which can be used for all good intentions.This stance of consciously ignoring and limiting will help you become constantly calm and in command.


By acting in a confident manner, you can actually change your environment.You can alter the way people react and respond to you, thereby opening up opportunities that were previously closed to you.If you doubt yourself, are unsure, or embarassed, you will unconsciously send out signals to others that will cause them to doubt you! How you feel about yourself is often how others will feel about you too! So be aware of what you project to the world.

Look at how you are at home, within your own four walls and with people who know you well.Do you have to play-act often? Of course not! Home is a place where you feel totally relaxed, at ease and in full command of yourself.So why should you act differently in public? This doesn't mean putting your feet up on the table in a nice restaurant because you are used to the habit at home.But it does mean allowing yourself to relax and be who you are.

There will always be people who like you just the way you are and if you remain faithful to yourself, you should never need to put up a false front.By being TRUE! to yourself you remove the fear that someone may unmask you and find the real you- because there is no mask,no false pretense.Don't expect everyone to like you all the time though, it is just not possible.All the wasted energy you may put into becoming everyone's best friend is best saved and spent on those who really do like you for who you are- not who you pretend to be!

Transfer the confidence you feel at home to the big wide world beyond your front door.From this moments onwards start radiating:

  • Confidence
  • Authority
  • Goodwill

From now on you have nothing to lose in public, because you are as what you really are.Being yourself is the easiest role to play.

But don't let this make you superlicious or arrogant- few would want to be around you then! TRUST in yourself and allow the power of of your mind to inspire you and spur you on to new goals.Success will soon become inevitable and you will be able to achieve what you have always dreamed of.Remember that dreams are not just 'will o' the wisps'- dreams are the ambassadors of your abilities.

Of course not all of your dreams will come true- and that maybe a good thing.But from now on stop limiting yourself.So much of what you dream and desires can become reality.It is time for you to take up the steering wheel and steer your life to the direction that you want.It is time to take control.And for this to happen we must now familiarise ourselves with the fundamentals of this underlying power- MINDPOWER!- and get to know the almost unlimited power of your mind and how to use it!

Doubt, fear and unsecurity are not good advisers.Changing who you really are merely in order to please or impress someone else is no guarantee for a long-lasting satisfactory relationship.And arrogance will get you nowhere.Conversely, neither will make you smaller than you are!

Practical application of MINDPOWER!- The power of your mind

Everything you have read so far will just remain as theory until you put them into practice.So to get you started on the track to success, here's an exercise, which you must perform correctly in order for them to work.Once you have mastered this exercise, you will not only know the magic of your mind, but will also find yourself approach your surroundings in a totally different way.Use this chance and use your MINDPOWER! to change yourself- NOW!

Think for a moment about what happens when you come across the person you dislike most.No doubt merely imagining this scenario is already activating a great number of emotions- and this is without the people concerned even being around in reality! Know that more emotionally you react, the more out of control you will be.So you must learn to control yourself in order to prevent others from gaining power over you.Mastering this emotional step is an absolete necessity for you to be on your way to attaining true MINDPOWER!

Let us assume for a moment that you have a working colleague you just don't get on with.You always react insecurely in their presence.For some reason they make you feel subordinate to them, perhaps even inferior.( WRONG! No one can 'make' you feel anything- only you are responsible for your own reactions and feelings..... which is precisely why it is vital for you gain control over what you project).Now let's say that for some unknown reason, you find yourself always feeling inhibited in this person's presence, which in turn usually results in you behaving, acting or speaking in a fashion that you feel inappropiate or somehow 'wrong'.Then later on, when you're alone, you find yourself reproaching yourself; thinking how stupid you were- and perhaps you even get angry with yourself.Think about the last time this happens to you..... allow yourself to replay that memory in your mind..... and know that from this will never, ever happen to you again!


Imagine now that you are in the room with this colleague, but rather than succumbing to all kind of self-doubts, this time around you are going to react quite differently.

Instead of feeling inhibited, or worried, or nervous simply empty your mind of all negative thoughts and become tranquil inside.Instead of conducting an internal dialogue with yourself, think of nothing at all.If you find this difficult to start with, then mentally picture the surroundings and fix your eyes on an object in the room and keep repeating the name of it in your mind- over and over again.As you feel yourself relax, then allow yourself to become completely silent inside for some period.

Now instead of avoiding this person's gaze, go ahead but look below their nose.Your mind contains only the kindest of thoughts.Your face should reflect the kindness in your heart.And full of inner joy- at this moment you should really be sincere- say something non offensive to this person.Ask them how they are or give them a warm smile.

Repeat this phrase in your thoughts and then look at that person, glancing below their nose, avoiding looking directly at their eyes.This is to avoid to further agitate them to give the impression that you are challenging them which only suit their hot-tempered environment.

Now instead of waiting for a reply, carry on your conversation with a light, chatty tone.Talk about everyday things,trivial things.Smile.Move, but in a relax manner.You are not aiming to win this person over, but they will at this moment be completely unable to feel any enmity towards you- you are being genuinely nice and friendly to them, you have no ulterior motive, there is nothing you want from them.Don't stay too long though,move on resolutely ( but not hurriedly ) and exit the room.

Practice this scenario for a while in order to get a feeling for everything you must pay attention to.The most important things is to be completely sure of what you are doing- then you will be able to do it with little conscious effort, thereby removing any stress or tension from your actions.Only when you feel completely comfortable with this process, then you will be ready to do it in reality!

Little by little you will be free of all kinds of self-doubts.Free of fear and free of inhibitions in front of others.And you will also be able to react in a more relaxed manner to any criticisms that may come your way.If you are criticised, always ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is criticising me? Is this someone whose views and opinions I really respect and trust?
  • Why are they doing it? Do they just just want to make me feel bad and hurt? Or is there really a problem here that needs to be addressed?
  • What is their purpose for doing so? Are they just having a bad day? Do they actually want to help me? Or could it be that they are simply- and unconsciously- criticising themselves through me?

Of course do remain sensitive to any advice and suggestions that be of help to you.Also be prepared to learn from mistakes you make and to correct your attitude towards yourself and others, if necessary.As you read on through this blog and learn to master your MINDPOWER! this all will simply happen voluntarily- due to your increase insight.

At this point, it is necessary to warn you of one danger in all of this- never misuse the exercises in this blog.Don't shut yourself off from which you must put your trust i.e. the power of your mind.This power works in you and through you.You can guide it.But you must also be mindful that when you used it wrongly, everything can change to your disadvantage.By correctly following the advice in this blog you are beginning to positively change yourself using supportive and constructive powers of your mind.Do not abuse them.

If you use the exercises described here in this blog, on people who are not basically not angry or negative towards you, but who for whatever reason, you simply cannot tolerate- then you will be able to win them over in time.These people will be impressed by your candid manner.You will be putting out any negative thoughts or vibrations and your charisma will remain positive- because of the power of your mind.Because you keep your mind empty, free of chatter and thoughts, nothing will reflect from you without you wanting it to be.

You will begin to organise your whole life differently.Starting with yourself! You spring-clean your thoughts and clear out the junkroom of your mind.Using this method and with the help of this blog you will learn to control all the things that have weighed you down, had unpleasant influence on you or may have burdened you in the past.You will start to reshape encounters, event and situations according to your own wishes.I guarantee it! Such is how you explode your MINDPOWER!

People will feel attracted to you and will feel well in your presence without you ever needing to do or to say anything.You don't have to perform any miracles in order to to be respected.It just happens.Pay attention to the power, the magic of your mind.Pay attention to yourself.Carry out all these execises.Make it your own and nothing will keep you from any success that you rightfully deserve.


Be Healthy,Be Wealthy and Be Happy to help others.


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